Marko Levtsenko has been named as Kombat Taekwondo president in Estonia and this is resulting on this country as the first European nation to join this professional Taekwondo franchise.

On my recent chat with Estonian Marko Levtsenko who has been recently appointed as Kombat Taekwondo president on his country I was able to dig deep on his passion and motivation to join this innovative organization. Marko, coach and engaged practitioner shared how his participation goes deep down on a connection with martial arts and his huge belief on personal growth.

Levtsenko described his attraction to Kombat Taekwondo by standing out the organization’s emphasis on the practical techniques of personal defense and vanguard approach on the training methods. He considers that this is a chance to improve his own skills and knowledge by the time he contributes to others development. Being a part of a community that values the continuous improvement and embraces the diversity on the martial arts practice fully sounds within his own values and objectives.

In our talk, Marko expressed his fascination with the idea of offering a chance to the fighters to show their value on Kombat Taekwondo even after their Olympic careers are done. This concept that allows athletes to continue their journey far away from the Olympic scenario resonated on him as it offers the possibility to show even more skill and contributing with the growth of sport.

Marko shared his enthusiasm for the exciting platform that Kombat Taekwondo gives out for the fighters to explore new ways of competition without losing taekwondo’s rich tradition. He pointed out the opportunity to guide and support this practitioners while they navigate through the dynamic martial arts path.

Estonia se suma a Kombat Taekwondo y ya trabaja en su desarrollo

By discussing about the Kombat Taekwondo debut at Bogota last December, Marko praised the event as a huge success that generated big interest and lots of positive comments. Even though he was not able to be physically present, he followed the event through YouTube and expressed to be looking forward on the next events standing out the importance of constancy to achieve better results.

As of his role as the enterprise director in Estonia , Marko tackled his responsibilities with dedication, strategic thought and compromised aligned to the Kombat Taekwondo’s vision and values. Standed out the importance of effective communication, team work and innovation to grant success and growth of the organization in Estonia. He thanked the trust on him and expressed gratitude for the opportunity.

When we explored Kombat Taekwondo’s potencial, Marko shared his belief on the big power of it. He said that when creators and leaders are passionate about their work, potential is undeniable. Marko pointed out that taekwondo has been waiting a chance like this for so long and the rise of similar initiatives on different places shows how big the accumulated demand is.

Marko also shared very positive impressions on Kombat Taekwondo founder Rick Shin after their very first online encounter. He described Shin as an exceptional leader with great skills on leadership and a very deep vision and passion for Kombat Taekwondo. Shin’s dedication on growth and innovation was underlined as fundamental in order to shape the organization path.

Marko revealed some exciting plans for the first events of the franchise. He is having the very first European seminar for referees and rules scheduled on March 31st. Also announced his intention on having the first exhibition projects for Kombat Taekwondo on July, possibly on the beach during the summer time. With carefully selected projects and well focused, Marko is looking forward to present Kombat Taekwondo in a very explosive manner in Estonia.

On his final thoughts, Marko thanked the chance and the interview making it extensive to his little but strong team. He confirmed his trainer Ronald as General Director of Kombat Taekwondo Estonia and expressed his gratitude for the support and the given steps on this exciting journey.


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