Recently designed as USA east region’s Kombat Taekwondo President, Master Sunny Park shared his passioned vision and a deep connection with taekwondo that has been part of his family since 1989. Sunny Park reflected his enthusiasm for the revolution of the sport and the creation of a pro-platform through Kombat Taekwondo.

He stands out the importance of filling the void that taekwondo experienced in terms of professional chances by cheering Rick Shin’s labour as Kombat Taekwondo Executive Director. He expressed his gratefulness for bringing to athletes the possibility of continuing their professional journey by also getting recognition for their dedication into sport.

Sunny Park’s first impression on Kombat Taekwondo debut in Bogota last December was one of astonishment and enthusiasm. He described the event as a night filled with action, with exciting fights featured by world class athletes, Olympic and national medalists. He compared the quality of the fights with the ones of pro-wrestling martial arts such as UFC, Belabor and One.

By taking the responsibility of leading the enterprise on the US, Sunny Park considered it an honor and a privilege to contribute on the building of the Kombat Taekwondo brand in the country. His approach will include event organization, seminars, crossed trainings and competition all around the country with the goal of giving a chance to the numerous US fighters looking for development.

El Maestro Sunny Park se suma como presidente de Kombat Taekwondo USA

Sunny Park expressed his confidence on Kombat Taekwondo’s potential by visualizing the organization competing among the big names on the martial arts industry. This impulse has got its back by a 100 million taekwondo practitioners base and their families.

Master Sunny Park recognized Rick Shin’s as a founding father of the organization and his 40 year martial arts experience and success on several entrepreneur businesses. For him, his trust on the CEO of Kombat Taekwondo is crucial for his participation on the organization.

About the very first projects, Sunny Park standed out the need to build a team on the east coast. The main goal includes the nomination of presidents, championships organization and the add-on of licensed clubs.

With an open invitation to be part of the Kombat Taekwondo family and the wish to meet all the members, Sunny Park expressed his confidence in contributing to the building of a future of which all taekwondo practitioners may be prod of.

El Maestro Sunny Park se suma como presidente de Kombat Taekwondo USA

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