Always looking for new ways of support to the global Taekwondo family, this time GCS International recently launched the GCS Achievement Program with a bilateral purpose. Offering quality virtual education to the people who join the program, and support to the less privileged around the world.

This Program also offers online concerts a discussion forums

One important thing is that all participants who successfully complete each GCS Virtual Seminar may receive a GCS Achievement Award, which ultimately lead to the eligibility of the prestigious GCS Presidential Award.

Donations from the GCS Achievement Program will be allocated to serve the less privileged population around the world, as well as to fund Taekwondo Humanitarian Foundation and WT Cares projects, in support of the mission of Goodwill, Cooperation, Service.

GCS Achievement Award

Participants will have the option to receive a GCS Achievement Award by making a USD$10 donation during free GCS Virtual Seminar online registration. GCS Achievement Awards will be e- mailed to participants at the completion of each online seminar.

GCS Presidential Award

Recipients of eight (8) GCS Achievement Awards through GCS Virtual Seminars are encouraged to complete eight (8) community service hours at local or international non-profit organizations prior to applying for the prestigious GCS Presidential Award. Applications must include a 1-page personal statement and a USD$100 donation.

What is the GCS Presidential Award?

This is a prestigious humanitarian award, granted to individuals who demonstrate awareness towards current global crisis through the GCS online education movement, and for their voluntary services in building a Global Common Society.

GCS Presidential Award recipients will be invited and awarded in official GCS Ceremonies or at the Annual GCS International Convention, recognized on the GCS website and Facebook page, and honored with a Presidential Award Medal of Humanity throughout the year.

Benefits of the GCS Presidential Award

• Scholarship Opportunities
• Testimony in University Applications
• Testimony in Employment Applications
• Humanitarian Leadership Opportunities