More and more countries have official representation of the Kombat Taekwondo franchise. Now the time has come for Chile with the appointment of Master Juan Marcelo Gallardo Silva.

The president of Kombat Taekwondo Worldwide, Master Rick Shin, signed the appointment that positions the 6th DAN Master of Taekwondo WT, Juan Marcelo Gallardo Silva, as president of the company in Chile.

“Being appointed as President of Kombat Taekwondo in Chile is both an honor and a significant challenge,” Gallardo Silva told to MASTKD.

Chile is already preparing to host different events, “At this moment, this is my most important professional project and I am proud to be part of the beginning of this new martial discipline, I feel that I have a motivation again. I am committed to put all my effort to bring Kombat Taekwondo to the forefront”, the Chilean representative continued expressing with emotion.

“The future of the athletes once they retire or can no longer compete at the demanding level of Olympism, is a constant concern I felt and today having the opportunity to be part of the direction of a professional league like Kombat Taekwondo fills me with hope and energy to create an environment where the fighters only have to worry about training and giving the best of themselves.

Chile ya tiene presidente de Kombat Taekwondo

I hope to soon announce the team that will accompany me in this challenge, in such a way that Chile will have a recognized representative at world level.

“My training as an athlete, since my childhood, has been deeply rooted in martial arts. I learned discipline, ethics and general values that have helped me become a better person.”

“In closing I would like to thank the president of Kombat Taekwondo, Master Rick Shin, for giving me the opportunity to lead this great world-class project.”

Chile ya tiene presidente de Kombat Taekwondo

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