Argentina has become the first country to have the appointment of president for Kombat Taekwondo. Claudio Aranda was appointed by Rick Shin to be the representative of the company in the South American country.

The successful professional Taekwondo franchise, which is already being talked about globally, formalized its representation in Argentina. The appointment of Claudio Aranda by the president and founder of the American company, Rick Shin, marks a new step in the young life of Kombat Taekwondo, demonstrating the intention to appoint presidents in all countries where this new modality is developed.

Aranda, who serves as vice president globally, following a business alliance between Kombat Taekwondo and MASTKD, adds the national presidency to that position for a period of two years.

Anuncian presidencia de Kombat Taekwondo en Argentina

Claudio Aranda, founder, and CEO of MASTKD, shared his thoughts upon receiving the appointment:

“I am convinced that we are living a new era of Taekwondo, and there is much work to be done. When Master Shin invited me to be part of this business, I felt very honored, and now, with this appointment in my country, I need to team up with the best and together take this to another level.”

Immediately after being appointed, Aranda asked Gabriel Taraburelli and Dario Bonfante to join him in consolidating the core of Kombat Taekwondo in Argentina; both accepted and are already working in different directions, including the organization of the Grand Prix in early August.

Anuncian presidencia de Kombat Taekwondo en Argentina

Gabriel Taraburelli, Vicepresidente de Kombat Taekwondo Argentina.

The renowned Olympic coach and Technical Director of the Argentine National Team, Gabriel Taraburelli, explained:

“I have always been concerned about the lives of athletes once they retire or can no longer compete at the high level that Olympic competition implies. Being part of the leadership of a professional league like Kombat Taekwondo fills me with hope and energy to exactly generate that, so that fighters only have to worry about training and giving their best.”

Dario Bonfante, Vicepresidente de Kombat Taekwondo Argentina.

On his part, Master Dario Bonfante, Director of the CETRA Schools, shared his perspective:

“For me, it is an honor to have been called to work on the direction, structuring, and implementation of this mega project. Convinced that the synergy generated by this team from leadership and management will result in an excellent quantitative and qualitative development of Kombat Taekwondo in our country.”

Aranda, Taraburelli, and Bonfante will soon carry out the official presentation of the franchise at a hotel in the city of Buenos Aires, where all the details of the format and national calendar will be provided.