Raul Pinzon was president of the Colombian Olympic Taekwondo Federation and organizer of the only World Championships held in Colombia, as well as the first Kombat Taekwondo event. Now he has just been appointed president of the franchise in that country. MASTKD talked to him and this is what he had to say.

Master Pinzon, it is a pleasure to be able to talk to you and along with congratulating you on your appointment I would like to ask you, what led you to get involved in Kombat Taekwondo?

I was excited by the historical opportunity to give Taekwondo a new dimension, rescuing many of the techniques and movements that our Grand Masters taught us and that are closer to Taekwondo as a martial art than to the Olympic sport. In addition, I think it is a great opportunity for athletes and practitioners to find a true professional vocation in this new modality of Taekwondo.

What did the organization of the first Kombat Taekwondo experience in Bogota in December represent emotionally for you?

The experience of having organized the only Official World Taekwondo Championships that has been organized in Colombia in 2012, confirmed us that we had the capacity to organize an event as important as the 001 KOMBAT TAEKWONDO Championships. I feel a great satisfaction that Colombia has been the venue for the launching of this professional Taekwondo league worldwide. All Colombians are very proud to say that Colombia is the country where KOMBAT TAEKWONDO originated.

How do you assume the responsibility of being the president of the company in Colombia?

I feel that it is a great responsibility that brings great challenges, but also many motivations and satisfactions. I have the advantage of having the support of a large part of the Taekwondo community, both in Bogota and in the rest of the country, and I am sure that together we will take KOMBAT TAEKWONDO to the total success that is already predicted.

How far do you think Kombat Taekwondo can go?

In my opinion, the future of KOMBAT TAEKWONDO is more than guaranteed. The current times demand sports formats that provide a real show, hence the resounding success of mixed martial arts that provide sport and entertainment to hundreds of millions of people. A contact sport, with traditional roots, with principles and values, rich in technique, exciting and in a state-of-the-art format is going to be the delight of practitioners and spectators around the world.

What do you think of Rick Shin as the founder of this company?

I have the privilege of knowing Master Rick Shin for almost 15 years and besides being a great personal friend, I can say that during this time I have been able to meet an intelligent and honest official, with a total passion for Taekwondo, with a modern vision of the sport, but who at the same time rescues and defends the essence of Taekwondo in terms of principles and values. He is a great visionary, like few others in this world, and I am sure that we will work tirelessly by his side to bring KOMBAT TAEKWONDO to the top of the sport and entertainment.

Thank you very much for your time and much success in your management, would you like to add something to close this interview?

Yes, thank you very much. I am also proud to work alongside my fellow founders: George Hristescu, Claudio Aranda and Marius Slav, as well as the presidents who are starting to lead KOMBAT TAEKWONDO worldwide, all have in common the passion, leadership and experience that will guarantee the success of this the greatest professional Taekwondo league in the world.

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