Master Danrey Velo was appointed president of Kombat Taekwondo in the Philippines, making it the U.S. brand’s first franchise in Asia. “He brought back the old school style of Taekwondo back to life.”

In the Philippines, Danrey Velo ascended to the position of president at Kombat Taekwondo, marking a milestone by becoming the U.S. brand’s first franchise in Asia.

“His approach revitalized the ancient art of Taekwondo, rescuing its old-school style.”

When asked about his immersion in Kombat Taekwondo, Velo shared his excitement after participating in an online referee seminar.

“I longed to be a part of this league and contribute while enjoying its benefits.”

Reflecting on the first Kombat Taekwondo show in Bogota last December, Velo expressed his opinion. For him, the event marked a paradigm shift by bringing back to life the essence of old school Taekwondo. The integration of hand strikes and takedowns added excitement, attracting those fans of more intense combat.

Assuming the presidency in his country was not only an honor for Velo, but also a challenge. He recognized the importance of dedication, hard work and commitment in this phase of development. With a committed team ready to get down to work, his goal is to establish a solid and excellent foundation.

Filipinas ya tiene presidente de Kombat Taekwondo

Velo shared his optimistic outlook on the future of Kombat Taekwondo, anticipating its rise to the world stage in a short time. Considering the large worldwide community of Taekwondo practitioners and the current outstanding publicity, he predicted that within a decade, Kombat Taekwondo would be among the top ten most watched sports on the planet.

About the founder, Rick Shin, Velo praised his brilliance and global recognition of Taekwondo practitioners who also make a profit, “It’s outstanding!”

As for the franchise’s initial projects, Velo recently detailed the completion of the first face-to-face seminar for the major and minor leagues, the first of its kind in the world. He announced plans for another seminar in March in another region of the Philippines and two major and minor league competitions in April and May. His strategy is to promote Kombat Taekwondo through exceptional seminars and competitions.


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