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PATU is getting ready for U-21 Taekwondo Championships

In an exciting collaboration between the Pan American Taekwondo Union (PATU) and the recommendation of Panam Sports, the official launch of the first Pan American Taekwondo Championships in U-21 categories has been announced. This initiative aims to strengthen and prepare the new generation aspiring to compete at 2028 LA Olympic Games.

New Poomsae Referees Ready to Contribute to the Pan-American Region

In a resounding achievement, participants of the recent Poomsae referees’ seminar in the Pan-American Region have garnered strong support, with the majority approved to officiate in WT-sanctioned events. Juan Manuel López, the President of the Pan-American Taekwondo Union, praised the commitment and dedication of these aspiring referees, highlighting their crucial role in the growth of referee bodies and their contribution to the progress of Poomsae events in the region.

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