Rio de Janeiro is getting ready to witness a true sports festival that promises to leave a mark in the history of Pan American Taekwondo. On May 1st, the Brazilian city will become the epicenter of action, hosting the prestigious Pan American Poomsae Championships, an event that has attracted the attention of the Pan American family.

With a record that exceeds all expectations, this championship has consolidated its relevance by receiving the registration of more than 220 athletes from more than 15 countries in the region. This milestone marks a new record in terms of participation and reflects the exponential growth that Taekwondo has experienced in the region.

The enthusiasm and excitement leading up to the event is quite clear, and there is no better way to describe it than with the words of the President of the Pan American Taekwondo Union, Juan Manuel Lopez. In a recent statement, Lopez expressed his excitement at the upcoming championship and highlighted the quality of the athletes who will be in Rio de Janeiro.

El Poomsae a las puertas de Juegos Olímpicos, Los Ángeles 2028

“We are excited to kick off the Pan American Poomsae Championships in Rio de Janeiro,” said the president. “It is an honor to witness the participation of such high-level athletes, who will seek to reach the top of the podium and represent their countries with pride.It is important to highlight that this event has a G-4 category for the world ranking, which makes it a crucial stage for those athletes who aspire to consolidate themselves in the elite of Taekwondo worldwide.”

The Pan American Poomsae Championships is not only a major sporting event, but also a springboard for athletes who aspire to compete on the world stage. With an eye on the World Championships scheduled for November in Hong Kong, this event represents an invaluable opportunity to tune skills, gain experience and measure the level of competitiveness at the international level.

Anticipation is growing as the date of the event approaches. Rio de Janeiro is preparing to receive the best exponents of Pan American Poomsae, who will display all their talent and determination in search of sporting glory. Undoubtedly, the Pan American Poomsae Championships promises to be an unforgettable show that will remain in the memories of all attendees.