Kombat Taekwondo is taking another step towards revolution not just in Taekwondo, but in the cyber world!

Kombat Taekwondo announces the launch of their state of the art Membership Management System “KTMS”

Kombat Taekwondo announces the launch of the Company’s exclusively developed, all digital KTMS, the “Kombat Taekwondo Membership System”, on April 5, 2024.

Beginning April 5th, KTMS, a multifunctional, dynamic and real time membership management system is ready to greet the world of KT members, KT club licensees, and KT certified referees in style!

Kombat Taekwondo is extremely excited to debut yet another masterpiece; an online membership platform that is just as well-rounded and breathtaking as the Company’s creation of showcasing Taekwondo professional cage fighting on the world stage.

Within the beautifully designed KTMS online membership stage, KT enthusiasts will now have the chance to sign up for free KT Membership on www.KombatTaekwondo.com.  Current KT Certified Referees and KT Club Licensed Owners will receive access to their credentials online, update their personal and KT Licensed Club profiles, upload and download documents and photos, register for KT Club Licenses, register for all future events, right at their fingertips.  KTMS is fully equipped to update KT Referee and KT Club License information for website listings, real time, to keep up with its aggressively growing membership enrollment.

“With the rapidly growing KT membership base since the debut of KT 001 in Bogota, Colombia, our management Team recognized the urgency to launch an effective system to accurately capture every KT member’s needs.  We are truly proud of the development and establishment of this all-digital KT Management System”, says KT President, Rick W. Shin.

Kombat Taekwondo announces the launch of their state of the art Membership Management System “KTMS”

For starters, KTMS is beyond capable of handling:

  • New KT Membership Registration for all fighters, coaches, or just anyone who wants to be a part of the KT movement
  • Application for KT Club Licensure
  • Process and Issuance of new KT Club Licenses, downloadable from the KT Member’s Dashboard
  • Management of existing KT Licensed Club Profiles
  • Management of existing KT Certified Referee Profiles

KTMS will also be handle the following features once KT Members have login for their KT Accounts:

  • Registration for future KT Referee Seminars (beginning April 5, 2024!)
  • Processing and Issuance of KT Referee Certificates, downloadable from the KT Member’s Dashboard
  • Application for KT Black Belt Dan Promotions and Recertifications (coming soon!)
  • Processing and Issuance of KT Black Belt Certificates, downloadable from the KT Members’ Dashboards
  • Registration for KT Minor and Major League Championships worldwide (coming soon!)
  • View KT Major League current Ranking Points through the KT Members’ Dashboard (coming soon!)

Kombat Taekwondo announces the launch of their state of the art Membership Management System “KTMS”

KTMS is the ultimate solution to keeping Kombat Taekwondo in a class of its own.  KT President, Rick W. Shin concluded, “We take pride in staying on top of all levels of KT development!  KTMS will set new industry standards to provide fast, seamless, and  true online, real time experiences to all KT members involved.  In my 3+ decades of Taekwondo development, KTMS is by far the easiest, quickest, and most inclusive membership management system I have personally encountered.  It is my years of watching ‘mediocre online management systems’ from around the world that has brought me to where we are today.”

Visit the KTMS “Kombat Taekwondo Membership System” on or after April 1, 2024 to witness a membership management system that the world has yet to see.  The true professional development in real Taekwondo, into the cyber world and beyond.

www.KombatTaekwondo.com welcome you to join our Kombat world today!