After a strict selection process and extensive training, WT has announced the referees who will be part of the upcoming Paris 2024 Paralympic Games. With remarkable dedication and experience, these referees are set to play a crucial role in one of the world’s most high-profile sporting events.

Those selected to referee at the Paris Paralympics by PATU are Neydis Tavares of Puerto Rico, Sandra Peña of Colombia, Nubia Segundo of Mexico, Flavio Figueroa of Chile, Stéphane Ménard of Canada and Héctor Cazali of Guatemala. These distinguished PATU representatives have demonstrated their competence and professionalism throughout numerous events and competitions, thus consolidating their reputation as world-class referees.

“Our referees have demonstrated exceptional commitment to the sport and outstanding skill in every competition in which they have participated,” stated PATU President Juan Manuel Lopez. “We are extremely proud to have representatives of this caliber, and we are confident that they will carry the Pan American Taekwondo Union’s name to the top at the Paris Paralympic Games.”

Each of the selected referees has gone through an arduous training and evaluation process, ensuring that they are fully prepared to meet the challenges they will face in Paris. Their previous experience in a variety of competitions, from regional tournaments to world championships, has provided them with the necessary skills to make fair and accurate decisions on the tatami.

With such a high-level team of referees, PATU is confident that the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games will be a memorable and exciting event. These representatives from the Pan American region are ready to ensure that each match is conducted with fairness and respect, reflecting the core values of taekwondo.