Master Eliyas Kumel who was recently named president of Kombat Taekwondo Ethiopia shared his motivation to get involved with the organization. As an expert in Taekwondo ITF he brings the experience needed for the development of this martial art in his country.

By recalling about the Kombat Taekwondo debut at Bogota last December, Kumel describes it as really good and skillful anticipating an ever brighter future for the organization.

As master Eliyas Kumel assumes the responsibility of leading the company on his country, he expresses his gratitude for the chance and the commitment to spread the knowledge about Kombat Taekwondo among the martial artists from Ethiopia.

About Kombat Taekwondo’s potential, Kumel thinks that if the pros work with honesty and dedication, they can achieve any objective they pursue.

When talked about Rick Shin, founder of the company, Kumel expresses his honor to work side by side with someone who is sincerely compromised in expanding the sport and gather together the martial family.

As for the initial projects with the franchise, Kumel points out to get the government permission as well as his own empowerment through the participation in trainings, the creation of member clubs in Ethiopia and the formation of executive committees as a federation. He also has plans to foment the participation on competitions and internacional trainings as well as organizing courses and local tournaments.

To conclude, Kumel points out that he is very satisfied and compromised and he’d be delighted to have the chance for speaking more about the martial arts movement in his country in the future.

Other countries with confirmed presidents