On July 24 and 25, the city of Querétaro, Mexico, will be the epicenter of knowledge and innovation with the realization of a coaches’ seminar that promises to raise the competitive and formative level of the sport in the region. This event, organized with the objective of training coaches in their roles as leaders and guides of local and national teams, will include the participation of distinguished speakers and the awarding of PATU certificates.

Internationally Recognized Expert Speakers

The seminar will be attended by five renowned figures in the field of Taekwondo and sports training:

  1. Master Araceli Ornelas: Olympic referee, will address combat refereeing topics, contributing her vast experience in high-level competitions.
  2. Master Axel Sánchez: Specialist in the interpretation of poomsae rules, will provide a detailed guide on the rules and their correct application.
  3. Victor Mendoza: Expert in training methodology, he will present innovative strategies to optimize the performance of athletes.
  4. Dennis Berdugo: He will focus on conflict resolution according to the competition rules, a crucial skill to maintain integrity and fairness in the sport.
  5. Dr. Nellys Rios: An expert in managing emotions in competition, she will offer techniques for coaches to help their athletes manage pressure and stress.

Integral Training for High Level Taekwondo

Juan Manuel Lopez, president of the Pan American Taekwondo Union, has emphasized the importance of this kind of event for the integral development of coaches and, therefore, of the Taekwondo community in the region. “Training is fundamental to increase the competitive and integral level of our coaches and athletes. This seminar is an invaluable opportunity to acquire knowledge and tools that will strengthen not only technical skills, but also leadership and emotional management skills,” stated Lopez.

Presentation of PATU Certificates

At the end of the seminar, participants will receive certificates that endorse them as PATU coaches, a recognition that underscores their commitment to excellence and continuous development in Taekwondo. This endorsement not only enhances the coaches’ credentials, but also ensures that they are equipped with the best practices and up-to-date knowledge to guide their teams to success.

Invitation to the Community

The invitation is open to all coaches who wish to strengthen their skills and contribute to the growth of Taekwondo in their community. The organization expects a large participation, reflecting the interest and dedication of coaches to continue raising the level of the sport.

The seminar in Queretaro is shaping up to be a key event for the professionalization of Taekwondo coaches, providing a platform for the exchange of knowledge and the development of new skills that will undoubtedly be reflected in the performance of athletes and the growth of Taekwondo.