In a significant milestone for Taekwondo, Poomsae has been confirmed as one of the modalities that will be present at the upcoming Asunción 2025 Under-22 Pan American Games. This inclusion represents an important improvement for the discipline and is the result of a concerted effort led by Juan Manuel Lopez, president of the Pan American Taekwondo Union (PATU).

The process of inclusion of Poomsae in the U-22 Pan American Games has not been simple. After several meetings and negotiations with Panam Sports, the entity responsible for the Pan American Games, this historic agreement has been reached. The addition of Poomsae will allow young taekwondists from all over the continent to demonstrate their skills on a continental platform.

Juan Manuel Lopez expressed his satisfaction with the decision and highlighted the hard work that led to this inclusion. “This is a monumental achievement for the Taekwondo community in the Americas. We have worked tirelessly to demonstrate the value and importance of Poomsae in the development of the sport and the training of our young athletes,” said Lopez.

The PATU president also highlighted the union’s commitment to equity and inclusion in the classification process. “We have established a classification system that is fair and equitable, providing opportunities to all member countries of our continental union. We want to ensure that every nation has the opportunity to participate and showcase their talent in this great event,” stated Lopez.

The qualification process designed by PATU is based on a series of regional competitions, which will allow athletes to accumulate points and earn their place at the Pan American Youth Games. This approach ensures that the best Poomsae exponents from each country will be able to compete in Asuncion 2025, thus promoting a high level of competition and sport development throughout the region.

The confirmation of Poomsae at the U-22 Pan American Games is a reflection of the growth and popularity of this discipline within Taekwondo. With its inclusion, it is expected that the event will not only serve as a showcase for young talent, but also inspire more athletes to participate in this modality.

With the inclusion of Poomsae, the Asuncion 2025 U-22 Pan American Games promises to be an unforgettable event, not only for the quality of the competition, but also for the celebration of diversity and young talent in Taekwondo.