Online Education cannot be more sought after in these challenging times. Although, the GMS team has been working on it way before the spread of COVID-19, online courses have given the Taekwondo community something to keep in touch with their beloved sport during these tough times. Now, through GMS, live WT Education courses including online grading and certification will be available.

WT plans to offer many online educational courses in GMS in order to educate our members including coach, referee, athlete, antidoping and more and certify our Global Taekwondo Community so stay tuned.

“With the Online Education we have brought it all together in one streamlined process where members can now register, attend the course, take the quiz, and be certified all in one place and automated. This is a unique offering.” Stated Justin Tenbeth, Director of GMS.

This is the sustainable way forward for WT and our community by providing access to high quality online education from the comfort of their own home saving them time and money without the need for flights, hotels and visa costs.

Courses themselves along with GMS system will be available in any language deemed suitable to the target audience.

A great example is the WT Online Coach Course that will be offered by Guatemalan Taekwondo Federation in Spanish, on July 10-11-12, for this 2020.

The aim is to reach out to the wider taekwondo global community and provide high quality education from the grass roots to the elite.

Simply Compete can provide online education platform and athlete ranking platform to any organization in the taekwondo family.

The WT GMS Team & our Platform Provider Simply Compete has been working tirelessly to develop new features that would benefit the Global Taekwondo Community. We listened carefully to their problems and pain points and launched what we believe are 2 essential and powerful modules in the GMS platform that will provide superior value and convenience to our Member National Associations and to their members themselves”. Told Justin Tenbeth, the GMS Director in exclusive to MasTKD.

The Global Membership System (GMS) is for everyone and it should reach the grassroot levels and be used nationally. Great value has been seen when national federations started using the system for their national events and belt tests. To complete this structure, it was only logical to enable national federations to set up their national athlete rankings. Thailand, for example is the first country to put this in action and launched their national rankings for cadet, junior and senior athletes via their national membership portal just a few days ago:

“National Athlete Ranking provides a tangible benefit for competitors to register and gain valuable ranking points as well as for event organizers to increase participation at their events”. Emphasised Tenbeth.

On a continental level, World Taekwondo Europe has also taken the lead and established their junior and cadet rankings via their continental membership portal It includes 9 events from 2020 and 35 events have signed up to be included in the ranking.  Most of them are WT G Ranked events. The fever is on and many other organisations are getting thrilled to join in. – Kenneth Shunken, WTE General Director told in exclusive to “we are very excited with the new project of WTE Rankings through Simply Compete platform and we believe it will help increase participation for our up and coming athletes. WTE will use these Rankings for seeding for the European Championships for cadets and juniors and other events.”

100% Online WT Education Course Overview


Alex Siliezar & Claudio Aranda, Exclusive