“The Coach Agency”, the recruiting company dedicated to sports, has arrived

The Coach Agency is a human resources agency dedicated to seek professional talents in physical activity and recreation as coaches and medical personnel specialized in sports.

We match our clients with talented people!

How does The Coach Agency work?

Those organizations that need coaches or professional staff related to sports in general, in which the search for talented people is the hallmark, is the value of this company.

This original concept was born based on the demand of guaranteeing quality to sports organizations when hiring a professional.

The Coach Agency is composed of a group of professional headhunters in different areas related to all sports, in which Taekwondo is no exception.

Offer your services for free

If you are a coach or other interested professional planning to work in sports, you can register with The Coach Agency for free!
Just send an email to: [email protected]

Job Posting

The Coach Agency is looking for one (1) male and (1) female coach for Taekwondo Clubs in Riyadh (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia). The coach will be responsible for the different training days guiding beginner, intermediate and advanced level athletes, as well as delivering training programs and testing students on acquired skills.

Find the complete information here.


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