During the events held in Cancun, there were several issues that tarnished the development of what can be the only events for the region in this year.

From the beginning several MNA’s asked for support for visas and registration process to can make it to these events in Mexico. However, and by the testimony provided by the MNA’s, their requests weren’t responded on time and also sometimes without any solution.

“Haiti tried to replace an athlete registered, because his visa got decline, but it took about a week, to get a final decision by the WT TD, Mr. Inseon Kim, for them it was frustrating, a lot of emails sent without response. Also, Uruguay and Ecuador tried to register some athletes, when registration was closed, by requesting special exceptions to the WT TD, but they couldn’t make it”, expressed Master Rick Shin.

Then about the registration process to the hotel, some countries got shocked because they were asked to pay in cash only. “Yes, I did receive a couple of concerning phone calls, because nobody was expecting to pay hotel in cash. If there was a better communication with the Organizing Committee that would be great, because most people assume that when you check into the hotel, you can pay with credit card. I’m sorry on behalf of the organizing committee, I’ll make sure in the future, this is addressed to the organizing committee, who is hosting the event”, said Master Shin.

Technical Delegate Mr. Inseon Kim didn’t show up to the Technical Meeting of the Mexico Open.

“Technical Delegate must attend Technical Meeting, I was told that Mr. Inseon Kim wasn’t there, at the event this morning as well, he was there, but he was running late, he showed up two and a half hours late”, said WTPA SG Rick Shin.

Continental Union Statutes

“Currently we are working on the WT proposal for Continental Union Statues, we are right now in a progress, we will work together with WT, so we can bring a better governance and transparency and better management for our WTPA family”, explained Shin.

“In WTPA we are family, we are one team, we have to do this together as a team, it’s our pride and joy. Together we will take Taekwondo to the next level”, concluded Master Shin.

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