In a significant development for the Kombat Taekwondo, under the leadership of President Rick W. Shin, and Mooto USA/BMA, headed by CEO James Kim, are excited to announce a new strategic partnership that promises to bring unparalleled benefits to Taekwondo enthusiasts and licensed clubs across the world.

This groundbreaking partnership is set to redefine the landscape of Taekwondo sport and education by leveraging the strengths of both organizations. Mooto USA/BMA, a leading provider of martial arts gear and apparel, has committed to offer the lowest pricing guaranteed exclusively to Kombat Taekwondo licensed clubs. This initiative is designed to ensure that these clubs have access to the highest quality equipment and gear at the most competitive prices, thus enhancing the training experience for athletes and practitioners.

Furthermore, Mooto USA/BMA has pledged its support as a sponsor for future Kombat Taekwondo events, demonstrating a deep commitment to fostering the growth and development of Taekwondo. This sponsorship will not only enhance the quality and reach of Kombat Taekwondo events but also strengthen the Taekwondo community by providing more opportunities for athletes to showcase their skills and dedication to the martial art.

President Rick W. Shin expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “This collaboration with Mooto USA/BMA marks a milestone in our mission to promote Kombat Taekwondo. By joining forces, we are set to deliver unprecedented value to our licensed clubs and the broader Taekwondo community. We are thrilled about the possibilities this partnership opens up for us.”

CEO James Kim echoed these sentiments, adding, “Mooto USA/BMA is proud to partner with Kombat Taekwondo. Our shared vision for elevating the sport and supporting athletes at all levels is at the heart of this partnership. We look forward to contributing to the success of Kombat Taekwondo events and ensuring that the Taekwondo community has access to the best resources available.”

The partnership between Kombat Taekwondo and Mooto USA/BMA is a testament to the power of collaboration in advancing sports and education. It promises to bring about positive change, not only for the organizations involved but for the entire Taekwondo community.