Elva Adams was a Referee during the Rio 2016 Olympic Games and is currently very active as an international referee for World Taekwondo, as well as an outstanding Poomsae competitor. At Kombat Taekwondo she holds the position of vice chair of refereeing and Rick Shin has just appointed her to lead the central region of the United States.

As for her connection to Kombat Taekwondo, Elva Adams comments, “I saw the buzz on Social Media and MASTKD and thought this might be an interesting concept. In addition, I was looking to expand the curriculum at my Taekwondo school. I saw the application to recruit referees, jumped at the chance and sent in my application. A few days later, I was contacted and offered a position as vice chair of referees.”

Elva Adams nombrada presidente de Kombat Taekwondo USA (Región Central)

On the first presentation of the Professional League in Bogota, Adams shares, “The professional league champions in Bogota absolutely exceeded my expectations. The media promotion was top notch. The fighters put on great bouts showcasing their Taekwondo and other combative skills that made it exciting and entertaining to watch!”

“Being in the center officiating the women’s fights was surreal!”

Regarding her appointment as president of the central U.S. area, Elva Adams expresses, “I am honored to be appointed to lead the central region of the U.S. The mission is to promote among the clubs and develop future Kombat Taekwondo fighters. Since Kombat Taekwondo’s debut, I have heard many positive reviews and want to build on this momentum to recruit as many clubs as possible. Since I reside in Texas, I’m hoping to have a good number of clubs join.”

About Kombat Taekwondo and its founder, the Olympic Referee praises, “The success of Kombat Taekwondo, or any organization, is having a great leader and executive committee. I believe Kombat Taekwondo will go as far as we wanted because the leadership has a vision and there is a clear goal of where we want to be. Master Shin is a brilliant businessman and a fierce leader! Most importantly, he is surrounded by like-minded people. Kombat Taekwondo is not a small project, and I don’t think anyone else would have taken on this challenge other than Master Shin.”

Elva Adams nombrada presidente de Kombat Taekwondo USA (Región Central)

As for his main goals, Adams mentions, “Right now, the goal is to promote and form as many licensed clubs as possible. We will be presenting tournaments such as minor and major leagues around the world. In the meantime, we will continue to identify talent for the professional leagues!”

To close the interview, the multiple international medalist emphasizes:

“I would like to emphasize that, in my opinion, Kombat Taekwondo is a platform created to offer Taekwondo fighters of any style, fame and fortune.”

Elva Adams nombrada presidente de Kombat Taekwondo USA (Región Central)

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