Niyaz Pulatov has an impressive track record as a high-performance competitor in WT Taekwondo. He made his debut at Russia Open 2013, as a junior, and had his first senior appearance at the Asian President’s Cup in 2017, in Tashkent, in his native Uzbekistan; there he showered bronze.

Vice Asian champion in 2018, vice champion of the 2019 Universiade, bronze of the 2019 Military World Games, Asian champion of 2021 and world vice champion of Guadalajara 2022; these are just some of the 14 official titles that the 25-year-old possesses.

Now, Niyaz, recently signed with the company Kombat Taekwondo and spoke to MASTKD about this stage. What seduced him, what are his expectations?

“My expectations as a battalion fighter in Taekwondo range from having spectacular fights with impressive kicks and a bit of ruthlessness, to generating entertainment for the audience. This really fills me with energy,” Pulatov said.

The Uzbek highlighted that the innovation proposed by Kombat Taekwondo seemed interesting to him and because of how strong the fights seem to be, he was attracted.

“We won’t have protectors or headgear and that alone makes it a very interesting format,” he said.

With more than 14 years of practicing Taekwondo, Pulatov assures that he is waiting for the moment to go out to the arena where the Kombat Taekwondo fights will take place, next December 3.

At the moment, neither he nor any other participant has been confirmed for the brand’s debut at the Royal Center in Bogota, Colombia. However, Niyaz Pulatov is emphatic that he wants to fight.

“I am waiting for this moment, I have been practicing Taekwondo for more than 14 years and I think I am always ready to fight,” he asserted.

On September 30, Kombat Taekwondo will announce the name of the final trio of fighters who will fight on the starring night. The announcement will be made through a live broadcast on the different channels of the brand and MASTKD.