The Committee will have a mandate of 2 years, and will be composed of a President, a VicePresident and 5 members, who at the end of the period may be re-elected.

  • Chair: Sandra Peña Arciniegas (Colombia)
  • Vice-Chair: Luciano Mazzeo (Aruba)


  • Juan Pedro Florez (Mexico)
  • Javier Borquez (Chile)
  • Juan Jose Roman (Peru)
  • Jannet Alegria Peña (Mexico)
  • Rodrigo Ferla (Brazil)
PATU: Para Taekwondo Committee is being renewed
Sandra Peña Arciniegas (Colombia)

Among the functions they will have are, to properly study the structure, organization and administration of Para Taekwondo competitions (Kyorugi and Poomsae), develop different competition formats for athletes with disabilities, as well as expanding, promoting and improving the practice of Para Taekwondo within PATU and safeguard the interests of the

The Committee will also be responsible for establishing competition schedules, investigating the possibility of Para Taekwondo events for Cadets and Juniors, establishing procedures and responsibilities of officials at all levels of competition, recommending a plan for the future so the expansion of Para Taekwondo can occur within PATU members, among others.

“Para Taekwondo is the great pride of this Continental Union. After its successful participation at the Tokyo Paralympic Games, we were all extremely gratified with the results of all PATU representatives. Our goal is to take this modality to an even higher level and have more and more athletes participating in exemplary and successful events in our Pan American region”, said Juan Manuel Lopez, President of PATU.