WT categorized the 1st Coach Certification Course in Spanish as “historical”


Great Britain, China and Guatemala have become host countries for the first WT Online International Coach Certification Courses; the last one being mentioned, was the first one entirely in Spanish.

The course in Spanish was held on Saturday and Sunday, July 11 and 12, respectively, with four hours per day and was conducted as follows:


WT catalogó de “histórico” el 1er Curso de Certificación en Español


Dr. Choue, president of WT gave a message to all participating coaches, immediately followed by María Borello representing Guatemala, MNA in charge of hosting the first online course in Spanish.


WT catalogó de “histórico” el 1er Curso de Certificación en Español


With the system developed by WT-GMS, the coaches had access to the virtual dissertations directly from Simply Compete website, where they only had to enter their username and password, and by completing those simple steps, they were able to watch the presentations of the expert Educators assigned to the course.

The system allowed them at the end of the course, proceed with a test prepared by the educators, and immediately upon completion, the platform automatically issued the certificates and diplomas of participation to those who passed. With this, the coaches experienced a pleasant place to learn the required aspects to be recognized as international coach by WT.

Speaking about the course itself, the person in charge of starting the presentations was the Director of WT Education Department, Philippe Bouedo and continued with the presentation of the Spanish Marco Carreira, who along with Amely Moras were in charge of carried out everything about competition rules and other topics of utmost importance to coaches.


WT categorized the 1st Coach Certification Course in Spanish as “historical”


The second day was time for Fernando Cañada from Argentina, who was in charge of explaining how the code of the World Taekwondo Federation (WT) works, who together with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) are fighting against harassment and abuse in sport; On the other hand, aspects of Anti-Doping were also discussed.

For his part, Dr. David Jeong, Director of the WT Medical Department presented the Medical Code and Emergency Cases during the competition and how to act if any situation happens.

Marco Carreira presented the protocol for the organization of events recognized by WT and the president of the Chilean Taekwondo Federation, Mario Mandel spoke about the history of WT.


WT categorized the 1st Coach Certification Course in Spanish as “historical”


Something important to highlight about this course is that all those who have passed it will be certified until December 31, 2022 and those who failed, will be able to choose another course within the WT Certifications calendar and repeat it without charge.

The WT Education Department, in conjunction with GMS, aims to provide the necessary tools to be a good coach. Providing information on anti-doping, athlete care, competition management, medical code, knowledge about the administrative structure of WT and its history, in short, information that makes the difference between a prepared coach and one who is not.


Claudio Aranda & Alex Siliezar, Exclusive MASTKD.com