This Thursday morning the World Taekwondo announced that it officially assumed control of the World Taekwondo Pan America (WTPA) under article 9.3.1 of the WT Statutes for alleged serious governance failures.


Article 9.3.1. says “In case of i) serious breach of the WT Statutes or Competition Rules and Interpretation or a serious failure of governance, as determined by the WT Council upon the recommendation of the MRD Commission,and ii) risk of disruption of WT activities if standard suspension and removal procedures are  followed, then: WT shall have the right to appoint an emergency replacement of CU leadership.”

The official statement circulated just after the virtual Executive Council meeting, which lasted for about four hours.

“During the Council meeting there was also an in important discussion around governance issues in the Pan America Continental Union. Following report from the ad-hoc Reform Committee for Pan America, and recommendations from the Member Relations & Development Commission based on findings of the Integrity and Juridical committees, it was decided that the situation warranted triggering Article 9.3.1 of the World Taekwondo Statutes to institute emergency interim management of the organization. World Taekwondo is committed to bringing the organization in compliance with good governance best practice. Further updates will be provided in due course”, says the official statement

Thus, according to the Statutes and, if the article is activated until the last consequence, the WTPA president could be removed from his position.

MASTKD tried to get a reaction from the WTPA acting president Helder Navarro, but -as usual- there was no response, despite reading the messages. Before notifying the taking over, Navarro’s last clash, with WT was when the WT demanded to align the WTPA election process  to the WT´s code and desist from the separatist idea of implementing the WTPA regulations.