Following the contract signing, MASTKD S.A. becomes responsible for promoting, advertising, and marketing everything related to Kombat Taekwondo both online and offline. In this way, MASTKD S.A. becomes an investor of Kombat Taekwondo and Rick W. Shin becomes an investor of MASTKD S.A.

“In 2003, MASTKD was born as a media outlet that quickly became the worldwide leader in Taekwondo information. We covered ten consecutive World Championships, and today, 20 years after its foundation, I am about to sign an investor partnership that will take this sport to an unprecedented global level. What will happen from today on, will lead Taekwondo to what we all seek. It’s going to be huge,” said Claudio Aranda, MASTKD CEO, while signing the contract with Kombat Taekwondo.

The goal of this agreement is to create unprecedented opportunities for Taekwondo athletes and coaches. Unlike other sports that have globally recognized superstars, Taekwondo has struggled to produce prominent figures who excel on a global level, principally due to the format of events.

Rick Shin has dedicated to Taekwondo his whole life, having served as the Secretary General of the Pan America Taekwondo Union (PATU), where he confirmed that the High-Performance branch has limited prospects and few options for athletes who finish their sports careers.

As a result of this finding in early 2023, Shin created Kombat Taekwondo with the ultimate goal of providing athletes the opportunity to rise to worldwide fame and earn substantial income similar to other professional sports. Additionally, this league will create opportunities for coaches to become professional managers and promoters, further improving their career prospects within the sport.

“Many athletes dedicate themselves to rigorous training for decades, cultivating dreams of becoming World and Olympic Taekwondo champions. However, only a few manage to achieve prestigious titles and compete in the World Championships or Olympics. Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of the world’s Taekwondo population faces insurmountable obstacles, mainly due to financial and political limitations, which prevent them from even imagining such opportunities. In our Taekwondo league, you only need to be a black belt and be willing to push your body to the maximum to prove you’re the best,” explained Rick Shin.

The first Kombat Taekwondo event will take place at the Royal Center in Bogotá, Colombia. The fights are scheduled for December 3rd and can be enjoyed in person and through live streaming on the league’s digital channels.

High-Voltage Formats

As Master Shin indicated, this league is open to Taekwondo black belts and features two competition formats:

1 vs 1 Format:

In this format, two contestants participate in a one-round fight of five minutes. Participants are not required to use protective gear, except for a mouthguard, groin protector, and gloves. This rule change encourages the use of a diverse variety of Taekwondo techniques during the fight, enhancing the intensity and skill level displayed by the competitors.

2 vs 2 Format:

Taking the excitement even further, the 2 vs 2 format involves two teams, each composed of two participants fighting simultaneously. Like the 1 vs 1 format, the fight consists of a single round of 10 minutes. The equipment requirements remain the same, with participants only needing a mouthguard, groin protector, and gloves. This dynamic format allows for collaborative strategies and coordinated attacks, presenting an exciting show for both competitors and audience.

These innovative formats showcase the versatility and intensity of full-contact Taekwondo combat, allowing participants to demonstrate their skills in an attractive and unrestricted way.

To compete in these events, all participants must hold a black belt in Taekwondo, regardless of their experience in a particular Taekwondo style.

Juicy Prizes

To incentivize exceptional performances, cash prizes will be awarded to the champions, along with Performance Bonuses commonly known as “Fight Night Bonuses,” which will be given to those who deliver the best knockout or most thrilling fight of the night. Additionally, athletes will receive 20% of YouTube media revenues for a period of ten years.

Winning the champion title automatically grants qualification for future Kombat Taekwondo events, ensuring an ongoing opportunity to showcase their skills.

Furthermore, a fighter who achieves the champion title three times in a row will obtain permanent fighter status in Kombat Taekwondo. This grants them a negotiated annual salary and bonuses, consolidating their position within the organization.

These compensations represent only a fraction of the potential earnings for these athletes. Once established as globally recognized stars, their income opportunities extend far beyond the limits of Kombat Taekwondo events. Sponsorships, endorsements, and many ventures become avenues through which these athletes can generate substantial wealth. The financial rewards available to them can reach remarkable heights as their fame and influence grow in the world of Taekwondo and beyond.


Currently, Kombat Taekwondo is in the process of selecting fighters for upcoming events. If you would like to compete in this league and showcase your skills, we invite you to submit a 5-minute video.

The video should include:

1. Training routines

2. Demonstration of your current physical condition

3. A brief personal story where you tell us about yourself.

To submit your video, please email it to [email protected]. This will allow us to carefully review your presentation and consider you as a potential participant in the prestigious Kombat Taekwondo Start Championships. We look forward to receiving your video and the opportunity to witness your talent firsthand.