The President of the Pan American Taekwondo Union, Juan Manuel López, successfully led a meeting with representatives from 35 countries of the region to discuss technical and administrative aspects of the upcoming Olympic qualifying event scheduled to take place in the Dominican Republic in April.

The meeting highlighted the unity and commitment of the Pan American taekwondo family. Key issues were addressed to ensure a spectacular event in the Caribbean nation.

After the meeting, President López expressed his satisfaction with the commitment and collaboration demonstrated by the representatives of the Pan American countries, emphasizing the crucial role of the upcoming qualifying event.

“The meeting has been a significant step towards the successful realization of the qualifying event in the Dominican Republic. The Pan American taekwondo family remains united, working together to promote our sport in the region. We are committed to delivering a high-level event and providing our athletes with the best conditions to achieve their Olympic dreams,” stated President López.

The taekwondo community in the Americas eagerly anticipates the upcoming qualifying event and celebrates the strength and cohesion demonstrated in this meeting, auguring a bright future for Pan American taekwondo.