The letter signed by Ivan Dibos, Sharon Jewell and Hoss Rafaty, warns about the reception of requests for clarification regarding the suspension of some authorities of the Pan American Taekwondo Union (PATU) and that the issuance of this, obeys to the obligation of the IMC to inform the members about all matters affecting PATU.


The letter sent by the IMC details “Governance Failures,” which are basically the same as those published by MASTKD last week but with addition of further details with which the IMC presents the information found, demonstrating that PATU (also referred to as WTPA), was registered as for-profit organization and operating in violation of PATU’s own bylaws for several years.

While it is known that for the facts foud out, there are five temporary suspensions that would make it impossible for those sanctioned to vote or run for any position in PATU, it should be made clear that these individuals have the right to prove their innocence which would restore their full powers even hours before the election.

Claudio Aranda & Alex Siliezar, MASTKD.