Through a virtual conference broadcast live on Youtube, the Kombat Taekwondo company announced this Saturday the names of the 16 fighters who will travel to Bogota for the first night of fights.

They are Óscar Muñoz, Niyaz Pulatov, Talisca Reis, Rafaela Silva, William Findley, Junior Fraziel Pillarte, Luis Meléndez, Ghenadi Bitco, Nathalia Dinnis, Nitze Martín, Hadi Zreik, Jhonny Becerra, Ingrid Soto, Natalia Viella, Pablo Solano and Jhon Sebastián Cortés.

According to the CEO of Kombat Taekwondo, Rick Shin, initially there were only going to be four star fights. However, due to the high demand from people wanting to sign with the company, the evening was split into two events: four main events and four invitational fights, known as the “wild card event.

According to Shin, the main event will award cash prizes, while the wild card event will serve as a showcase for potential fighters to show what they are made of. In addition, those who fight in the invitational fights will automatically earn the right to fight in the next event, with the date and location to be determined.

The main event and invitational fights were scheduled as follows:

Main Event

  • Oscar Munoz (COL) vs. Niyaz Pulatov (UZB)
  • Talisca Reis (BRA) vs. Rafaela Silva (POR)
  • William Findley (USA) vs Junior Fraziel Pilarte (DOM)
  • Luis Melendez (PUR) vs Ghenadi Bitco (ROM)

Wild Card Event

  • Nathalia Dinnis (BRA) vs Nitze Martin (MEX)
  • Hadi Zreik (LBN) vs Jhonny Becerra (VEN)
  • Ingrid Soto (CHI) vs Natalia Viella (BRA)
  • Pablo Solano (CRC) vs. Jhon Sebastián Cortés (COL)

During the recruitment process, more than 3,500 people showed interest in signing up for Kombat Taekwondo, but only 100 met all the criteria of the judging panel.

Out of the 100, these 16 were invited to the star-studded event on December 3rd in Bogota, Colombia. This night of fights will take place at the Royal Center.

The organization’s goal is to develop events around the world and to expand its pool of fighters to make them superstars of global entertainment.

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