Freestyle Poomsae is growing constantly all over the world, at its inception in Korea as a pioneer, there is always been a high level national competitions, but Triple J has built a unique path with innovative and professional methodology, led by Master Jeon, where the well-known academy had trained world medalists, Asian medalists, and many successful athletes, that is why many athletes and coaches from abroad looks for having Triple J advice and guidance.

MASTKD talked in exclusive with its founder and this is what he said to us.

Triple J, preserving tradition, pursuing creativity

How was your Taekwondo career as an athlete

I was the captain of the Taekwondo Demonstration Team at Kyung Hee University, and a member of the National Demonstration Team. KOICA selected me as a Taekwondo cooperating agent, and I was dispatched to Vietnam’s Hanoi Police Academy to teach Taekwondo. After that, I was asked to become a master at the Taekwondo Demonstration Team in Suwon.

How started the idea of Triple J

Triple J opened to teach kicking techniques. Due to professional players who wanted to learn Taekwondo kicking professionally, their influence grew, and the Triple J Freestyle Poomsae Team was founded.

What does Triple J means

My name is Jaejun Jeon, and Triple J is my initials. It is very meaningful to name a Taekwondo dojang with my own name.

Triple J, preserving tradition, pursuing creativity

Your academy is very famous all over the world, specifically in freestyle. What’s the key that made you achieved this?

First of all, is to have professionalism for all Masters who train players in triple J.

Second, it is a step-by-step guidance of Taekwondo skills.

Third, it is an exercise facility suitable for freestyle poomsae training.

If you can train for just one day at Triple J, you will feel these three things.

Is the freestyle the future of sport Poomsae?

All martial arts can be divided into combat and artistic. Freestyle Poomsae should express Taekwondo artistically and give excitement and fun to the spectators.

Freestyle players should freely express themselves and engage in creative activities but based on Taekwondo. That for sure will attract the attention of spectators.

Triple J, preserving tradition, pursuing creativity

How can someone become world champion in freestyle?

In order to reach the top in any field, you must have the skills and spirit.

First of all, when it comes to skills, rather than having many, you need to have one skill to become the best in the world. The standards of being good may differ from person to person, but you should know what is best for yourself and be able to use it.

On the mental level, champions need to know that when they are struggling, their opponents are in the same spot. To reach this kind of confidence and defeat your fears, you must have enough training.

You are coauthor of the new freestyle and first book about it. What physical aspects do you think an athlete need to be a good freestyle player? And how important is to learn how to practice freestyle.

As for the physical conditions of a freestyle player, they must have good agility and a good sense of balance. Only then can he reliably demonstrate high-difficulty skills.

In addition, an understanding of Taekwondo and the basic skills must be equipped first in order to show the ideal freestyle.

Freestyle Poomsae is infinite and abstract in the introduction of technology and the expression of directing. Therefore, freestyle textbook explained the history of freestyle poomsae, the principles of presentation, and the step of skill training.

Triple J, preserving tradition, pursuing creativity

Thank you for your time, what else would you like to add?

Triple J is a new type of taekwondojang for professional freestyle players.

Many foreign players and coaches are visiting.

You have to taste sugar and salt to know real taste.

If you get a chance, I hope you feel the original culture of freestyle poomsae at Triple J.

Preserve tradition, pursue creativity.