The speculation that Poomsae, the essence of our martial art will be part of the Olympic Games program, has been going back and forth for years. Once again, this possibility has returned to the forefront.

During the development of the World Beach Championships, held in the city of Chuncheon, South Korea, it came to light through WT officials, that Poomsae has again possibilities of being part of the Olympic Games. This time, it would be through the freestyle modality.

According to rumors, it would be in the Los Angeles 2028 Games, where it could finally make its long-awaited debut and thus change the course of Taekwondo within the Olympic program.

The specific divisions are still uncertain, but it is speculated that together with the recently launched Diamond Game, Taekwondo will have more medal options in the Summer Games.

If this becomes a reality, the Poomsae world ranking would play an important role, and the recently appointed commission of the discipline in WT would have an important task in the construction of the process towards this great sporting event.

Rule change

Since 2019 Poomsae has not had major changes in its rules, so if confirmed in LA 2028, it will have to be modified to fulfill the expectations demanded by the International Olympic Committee.