Along with the fight against harassment and abuses in the sport of which the International Olympic Committee and World Taekwondo (WT) are part, the Pan American Taekwondo Union opens a new space for the entire Taekwondo family in the region, to avoid distorting the fundamental principles of the sport.

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Anyone who considers that is a victim of any kind of abuse, conflict of interest, or blockages in their respective national federations, may send their complaint anonymously to the department established for the review of these in the continental union and thus put in place all appropriate mechanisms to restore the welfare of those possibly harmed.

“No type of abuse is tolerable in the Pan-American Taekwondo family, that is why we will give priority and open this new space for all those who need support for any discomfort caused and thus make justice and welfare prevail. It is our commitment to tell everyone that they will be attended immediately to those who contact us, with discretion and professionalism to maintain the anonymity of those who approach us with this intention. In PATU the Olympic Letter and the fundamental principles on which our martial art is founded will always prevail”, said Juan Manuel Lopez, president of PATU.

There are always rumors of blocking the participation of events, seminars, or competitions by some national federations, to mention an example. This kind of initiative seeks to accompany those affected to be able to enjoy the activities that the Pan American Taekwondo Union carries out in order to promote our sport. A few years ago, WT launched a campaign to prevent harassment and abuse in the sport, it is now the turn of PATU to strengthen forces in the fight to maintain the harmony and good practice of Taekwondo in the region.