The first edition of Kombat Taekwondo is about to kick off and here’s how to watch it via streaming.

Next Sunday Kombat Taekwondo will have its 001 edition where 16 fighters have the responsibility to show that this martial art has a lot of potential.

Thousands of people are asking how to watch the event live and here we tell you how to do it.

As a result of the debut of Kombat Taekwondo, MASTKD enabled memberships for its Youtube channel and with it, those who gets it will be able to watch the event in streaming.

It is very important to note that you must purchase a membership called Kombat Taekwondo, which costs US$49.99 per month.

Kombat Taekwondo will start next Sunday at 6:00 p.m., Colombia time, at the Royal Center in Bogota.

The organization announced that all seats at the Royal Center are sold out and revealed that more than 1,000 people will watch the event on site.

The stellar fight of this edition is between Oscar Muñoz, London 2012 Olympic medalist, and Niyaz Pulatov, current world silver medalist.