The Korean twins are part of the worldwide Poomsae history becoming World Champions and multi medalists in important competitions, since 2016 TS Taekwondo opened its doors to guide many national and international athletes and teams to achieve many goals through their professional training methodology. MASTKD had the chance to talk to them and this what they said.

Hello, we are Ji Ho Yong and Ji Ho Chul of TS Taekwondo, and we are Korean National Poomsae athletes. Ji Ho Chul is a professor in Baekseok University, and I am guiding Poomsae athletes at TS Taekwondo. We have competed in a total of 7 international competitions and have medaled in over 150 national competitions in Korea. We have also been national coaches for the Philippines and Vietnam respectively.

TS Taekwondo: the path of champions

How is to have the chance to compete along with your brother and to be as good as him to win world championships medals?

As an active Poomsae player for 20 years, I had only been to international competitions individually from 2022, as the world championship was held in Korea my brother and I had the opportunity to compete together. We were selected for the Teams division through competing with others. We were confident because we had trained together for over 20 years and confident to participate in the world competitions as a team together. We are very happy to be the first twins to win the World Poomsae Championships, and we will keep competing against each other and to continue our growth.

How did TS Taekwondo started

Since we were young, we had trained Taekwondo and after graduating from university, we built up our careers as players and coaches. Finally in 2016, we opened a professional Taekwondo Dojang to share our experiences with many athletes.

What does TS Taekwondo means?

TS Taekwondo has many meanings.
Twins Special, Two Stars, Taekwondo Star. Through these many meanings, we hope that us and our team members also become players who shine brightly.

TS Taekwondo: the path of champions

How is to be a high-performance athlete, coach, and active owner of a prestigious and famous academy?

There still many areas I am lacking, but I intend to further my knowledge and skill in teaching to become a greater player and coach. I hope for my Dojang to grow to be even greater than now.

Among many good Taekwondo schools in Korea how do you achieve to be one of the most famous and successful academies in recognized Poomsae?

I think what we have special is that my brother and I are twins.
My brother and I put in a lot of effort when we were young, and we use the knowledge that we gained to educate our students a lot. Also, we are teachers who show through actions by also competing as players. I think that’s the most important characteristic.

What are your next goals as athletes, coaches and as academy?

As an athlete, it is to consistently train without injury and challenge the next World Championships.
As a coach and owner, my ultimate goal is to spread TS Taekwondo Academy all over the world and create a world-wide team.

TS Taekwondo: the path of champions

What does an athlete need to become world championship medalist in recognized poomsae?

In Korea, athletes invest a significant amount of time every day to become a National Representative. You have to invest a lot of time and also have guidance from good instructors who can train you in detail.

How important is the mental training in recognized poomsae?

Poomsae is a fight against oneself. Mental training is really important. You will have to build it up through lots of experience.

Thank you very much, you can add anything you would like to

We are working hard to become a world-renowned Taekwondo academy. I would like to thank MASTKD for the time. We as twin World Champions will continue to build our team to be more famous and greater! Thank you.