PATU President Juan Manuel López Delgado and secretary general Mario Mandel presented a report on the progress of preparations to World Taekwondo chief Chungwon Choue and secretary general Jeongkang Seo.

“Both Dr. Choue and Mr. Seo will be accompanying us in the inaugural acts and development of the Pan American Games competitions,” López Delgado said.  

“We are very happy to have the presence of our highest world taekwondo authorities, which ratifies the harmony and good relations between WT and this PATU administration.”

The meeting also saw PATU discuss plans for events in the Americas for 2024.

“We made an important explanation headed by Mario Mandel about everything that these Pan American Games will be, which are a key competition within PATU’s annual agenda and which I am sure will set an important precedent as multi-sport Games in the year prior to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games”, López Delgado added.

PATU en Corea: América presenta avances de Santiago 2023 en WT

Mandel presented a preview of the Athletes’ Village in the Chilean capital, that will feature 17 towers.

Transportation of athletes was among the subjects discussed during the meeting.

According to statement from PATU, taekwondo will be one of the first sports to try out the combat pavilion at Santiago 2023.

“This pavilion is located in the National Stadium Complex; it is stage number 12 and it is practically ready for formal delivery,” Mandel said.

“Judo, karate and taekwondo will be in this pavilion.

“Dr. Choue was able to see a video that we presented to him and the plans, so that I would understand how the flow of the upper lanes and exit will look like, as well as the different departments for Para Taekwondo.”

Taekwondo competitions at Santiago 2023 is scheduled to be held from October 21 to 24 the Contact Sports Center in Nuñoa, within the National Stadium Complex.

By: Inside the Games