With a high performance career that began in 2008, the successful and recognized fighter Talisca Reis signed with Kombat Taekwondo to become a fighter of the professional league.

Reis, with an outstanding career record, expressed the excitement of being part of Kombat Taekwondo as she sees the brand as an opportunity to inspire more Brazilian women to fight for their dreams.

The competitor has titles such as silver medal in the 2011 Military World Games, bronze medal in the 2014 Military World Championship, and silver medal in the Lima 2019 Pan American Games, as well as multiple medals in open and official events.

In the last hours it was reported that the London 2012 Olympic medalist, Oscar Muñoz, also signed with Kombat Taekwondo, which energized the brand’s social media.

Kombat Taekwondo will have its premier night on December 3 at the Royal Center in Bogota, Colombia. On that night, the fighters will have only one contest and the winner will get US$3,000 and the loser of the night will get US$1,000, in the individual modality.

On the same night there will also be team fights. This style consists of two teams of two fighters who will be fighting simultaneously for ten minutes, being able to perform combined attacks.

Kombat Taekwondo will have standing and ground fighting, without restraints, forcing the fighters and its weight categories are the same as conventional Taekwondo. If you are interested in joining Kombat Taekwondo, you can sign up by clicking here. Also, we invite you to join our Telegram community where you will have all the information of MASTKD at your fingertips, to join just click here.