After the successful World Championships held in the city of Baku, the president of World Taekwondo, Dr. Choue, held a private meeting with the three most representative media that have covered the most important events of world Taekwondo governing organization.

“Taekwondo has evolved steadily and in recent times significantly, which has led us to be confirmed in the Los Angeles 2028 Olympic program. This is also possible thanks to the support that you as a media give us, because of your constructive criticism and to show off our sport and martial art in the best possible way, is that today we can celebrate these triumphs. If your criticism was negative we would not be able to celebrate in the same way today” confirmed Dr. Choue in his talk.

The successful event, which gathered more than 930 athletes from 144 nations in addition to the refugee team, will be remembered historically for the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the founding of the governing body.

MASTKD has positioned itself as the world leader in Taekwondo information, after covering all the World Championships, from Madrid 2005 to date, also commemorating its 20th anniversary this 2023.

This ratifies the great moment and relationship that World Taekwondo is living with the media, as mentioned by its president, who was satisfied and happy with the support provided.