With the possibility to compete individual at all divisions, and color belts, but beyond that, compete also with your Taekwondo master or even with your family, this event grants a fair and professional scoring platform with professional licensed referees from all over the world to judge this event that promises to take the online competitions to the next level.

KPNP has developed a scoring system to be used on online competitions that allow to the referees to focus on the performances with a friendly way to score. Besides the system will be used also for the registration of all non-ranked divisions.

Registration will close on July 10th, ranked divisions will be registered on simply compete and all other divisions on KPNP platform.

“The competition will contain a G ranked event, and a number of Open events to be conducted at a time when COVID pandemic thankfully appears to be on a gradual decline. It is aimed to provide the Taekwondo community an opportunity to maintain their skills whilst competing in a non-threatening virtual environment, and be judged by highly experienced international referees. All this will be achieved without the need to travel long distances to a live event during uncertain times”, stated John Kotsifas, president of World Taekwondo Oceania.

Including Para poomsae, and freestyle, this event is starting to become the online event expected of the year, with this second edition.

The competition will follow WT rules, and will be held with pre-recorded videos that will need to be uploaded to KPNP platform.

Cut-off system will be used for the event.

Head of team meeting will be held on Friday July 15th at 16:00 hours AEST.

Preliminaries streaming will start on august 1st and 2nd.

All divisions will be awarded with medals and certificates.

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