With the goal of keep in good shape, Master Dan started his Taekwondo career in 2012, and became a lifestyle that took him together with his wife to compete a several events abroad that put him in the spotlight in his way to get a spot at National team to compete officially in events as World Championships.

Let’s get to know Master Wilson, tell us a bit of your life?

I was born and raised in San Francisco, CA. After graduating from California State University, Chico I began a career working in the insurance and financial services industry that lasted 37 years. During this time, I became an avid golfer and traveled the world.

When did you started your journey in Taekwondo?

I started Taekwondo after visiting a friend in Chicago, IL. Her son was taking a class and asked my wife and I if we would like to watch. After seeing that class, both my wife and I thought this would be a great activity for us! This was in 2012!

Master Dan Wilson: “It’s the pursuit of perfection that keeps me motivated”

Why did you choose Taekwondo?

We considered other martial arts, but Taekwondo was more about self-defense, fitness and being a better overall person.

What do you think Taekwondo brings to your life?

In a word, fitness. At 65 years old, I am in the best shape of my life! Taekwondo has also improved my mental clarity.

Why did you choose Poomsae?

I can do Poomsae as long as I live and will learn something new every day. It’s the pursuit of perfection that keeps me motivated.

What are your goals talking about sport Poomsae?

My ultimate goal is to earn a spot-on Team USA and compete at World Taekwondo Events.

Master Dan Wilson: “It’s the pursuit of perfection that keeps me motivated”

What do you think about Taekwondo Today?

Overall, I believe Taekwondo offers something for everyone. There are opportunities to compete in numerous events locally, nationally and internationally. The downside is that many truly talented athletes are unable to compete due to costs for travel and event related expenses.

Tell us about the events you’ve participated.

I’ve competed in numerous State and Local events, as well as national events like The President’s Cup, The US Open and the USA National Championship. I also competed at the Canada Open in Vancouver, BC and The Chuncheon Korea Open in South Korea.

Your message to the Taekwondo practitioners that just started at the martial art.

I’d say to remember that Taekwondo is an individual journey.  Taekwondo comes naturally to some practitioners; others may find it very challenging. The key is to find a great instructor who will always push you to do your best. And never give up! You can do it with hard work and perseverance! Your initial goal may be to earn a black belt, but your journey shouldn’t end there. Taekwondo offers a lifetime of learning, fitness and mental development.