In Taekwondo we are in a historical moment full of changes and transformations. As we watch the competitions and marvel at the skills of the athletes, a repeated question arises in the community:

Are we witnessing the best Taekwondo in history?

However, as Olympic Taekwondo moves forward, so does criticism based on regulation changes. Resistance to change is a powerful force that influences our perceptions and opinions. But what is behind this resistance – is it simply a fear of the unknown or an inclination to hold on to tradition?

¿Estamos viendo el mejor Taekwondo de la historia?

Renowned author Arnold Bennett reminded us that:


It is understandable that the evolution of Taekwondo may generate discomfort for some, as each modification brings with it a process of adaptation and adjustment. However, it is crucial to look beyond the discomfort and focus on the promising horizon that these transformations offer.

In recent years, World Taekwondo (WT) has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the evolution and professionalization of the sport. New formats of competition have enhanced our beloved martial art to unprecedented levels. The incorporation of electronic systems and exciting Grand Prix have redefined the Taekwondo experience, providing an innovative dimension that transcends the boundaries set by the past.

¿Estamos viendo el mejor Taekwondo de la historia?

It is essential to understand that evolution does not mean the loss of identity or tradition. On the contrary, it is an organic and dynamic process that honors the legacy of Taekwondo while leading the way into the future. Just as a tree grows and develops new branches, our sport flourishes with new concepts, techniques, and approaches, while preserving its fundamental essence and philosophy.

The path to greatness is not always a comfortable one, but by embracing evolution, we expand our vision and create opportunities for a more inclusive and exciting Taekwondo. Through adaptation and openness to change, Taekwondo practitioners and followers can discover the value of transformation, both athletically and philosophically. In conclusion, we are witnessing a golden era for Taekwondo, one that requires us to transcend resistance to change and courageously embrace evolution. Let us keep our hearts and minds open as we look to the future, always remembering that greatness is born of adaptability and the wisdom to learn from our past to forge an even more extraordinary Taekwondo.