Niyaz Pulatov is one of the contemporary WT stars. Even though he’s been the conversation center for a few years now, he is on the public eye as he is the main event at Kombat Taekwondo against Olympic Medalist Oscar Munoz.

With a delay of over an hour from schedule, world silver medalist Niyaz Pulatov got into Bogota.

From Uzbekiztan to Turkey and Turkey to Colombia, after coming out from gate number 5 on El Dorado international airport, Niyaz spoke to MASTKD on his upcoming fight with Oscar Munoz on Kombat Taekwondo’s first fight night to be disputed on Sunday, December 3rd, 6 p.m. on Bogota’s Royal Center.

“I know Oscar Munoz, of course I know who he is. He is Olympic medalist I watched him fight since I was a child. But now I think it is my moment because I’m young, but I respect him. He has more time in taekwondo and I don’t want to misrespect him” Pulatov Said.

Niyaz Pulatov told us that he’s on an spectacular condition for this event as he is training twice a day and mixing Taekwondo and MMA among his routines.