With a long and successful career on Taekwondo, not only as a politician but as a sport administrator, Jin-Bang Yang will have the chance to lead Korean Taekwondo Association to a promising future.

Sticked to the World Taekwondo Path, Yang is after several periods, president of the Association where everything got started. Now during difficult times, the elected president has already some goals to accomplish.

Jin-bang Yang elected president of the Korea Taekwondo Association
  • Expanding the opportunities to participate in the international competitions.
  • reform of the nutrition policy for young players
  • Activate living sports taekwondo competition
  • Creation of a coach committee
  • innovation of the stadium operating structure
  • strengthening of dojangjiwon policy (expansion and regulations)
  • Development of international political excellence
  • Support to the leading employment insurance stamps and job stabilization plan
  • projection innovation