The appointment of Claudio Aranda and Alex Siliezar in the WTE TV and Media Committee was given by the work of the MASTKD Team, in the global diffusion and historical record of Taekwondo.


The WTE Media Committee has been chaired since the beginning of 2020 by Edmund Schramm and Lisa Lents, as chairman and vice chairman respectively.

  • Chairman: Edmund Schramm
  • Vice-chair: Lisa Lents
  • Member: Alex Siliezar
  • Member: Claudio Aranda

WTE and MASTKD have been working together for more than ten years, but the pandemic strengthened the relations with the joint work of the first Virtual Poomsae Championship, which was developed jointly and successfully.

“In recent times, MASTKD, took a great leap, reinventing itself again in the voracious competition that we have against ourselves; and we focus a lot, thanks to our team, on developing online TV, audiovisual and multimedia content, among other things. This was appreciated by the followers all around the world and by the most important institutions. We only seek to continue undertaking from originality; I really appreciate and highly value this appointment in such an important Continental Union and influential as the European”, said MASTKD CEO, Aranda.

Among the goals established by the Committee, is the development and implementation of television and media policies for Taekwondo Europe, according to the letter written by chairman Schramm.

For his part, Alex Siliezar, MASTKD’s Chief Operating Officer (COO) added: “This is only a result of the transcendence that MASTKD has had over the years, the hard work that the entire team does, is what has made possible for us on a daily basis wake up saying that we are part of the family of the worldwide leader on Taekwondo information. I very thankful with the trust that the leaders of World Taekwondo Europe have placed in us to continue with this great joint commitment, which we will now fulfill more closely. I am very happy with this appointment, which brings with it the work of a whole team that for years has positioned us to take this step today.”