The agreement recently announced seeks to strengthen Taekwondo through many areas.

Proof of this, is the first movement based on online classes that are available on Facebook and YouTube, suitable for everyone.


The trainings are led by Taekwondo figures from the old continent, both in Poomsae and Kyorugi.

The accessibility and openness of platforms are two factors that will allow you to train with athletes such as Elif Yilmaz, Yousef Karami and Jesús Tortosa, among others.

In fact, you can already enjoy a session with the Belgian taekwondo player Joaud Achab and another with the Dutch Joël van der Weide, by clicking here.

The second idea is the 1st Online Daedo Open European Championships, which will be from May 4th to 11th through the social media platforms of

“Once the Corona COVID-19 virus outbreak has ended and our regular events will start again, Taekwondo Europe and will continue their cooperation at the Taekwondo Europe’s events” the statement concluded.

For CEO Claudio Aranda, this alliance will fulfill the objective of strengthening the Taekwondo family.

“As stated by the Taekwondo Europe, this support comes to extend the limits and create new opportunities. We are planning to do great things together; we are planning to innovative with ideas that can be spread all over the world”.

“This is not creating content for the sake of creating it, we have many people thinking about what to do and how to do it. We are very pleased with this partnership,” said the CEO of

In the other hand, Kenneth Schunken, General Director of the World Taekwondo Europe expressed that both entities are currently working on a number of new initiatives.

“Our Referee Chairman is working on a National Referee training to prepare national referees with ambitions to go international. This course will be so exciting and hopefully will help national referees to gain new experiences. Our new partnership with MASTaekwondo is something I am so proud of. MASTaekwondo has the social media online distribution channels that can give our organization new ways to use the internet. We are thinking about hosting an online live talkshow in which we cover different taekwondo related subjects and which has an interactive character. But also, the online poomsae event will continue: we will shortly announce also a color belt event for poomsae. Something I really hope we can realize soon is a video challenge in which our followers can send in their videos”. Said the WTE General Director.