The Integrity and Ethics committee has the function of attending to controversies, ethical codes and any other document related to the conduct related and integrity. It will be integrated as follows.

  • Chair: Maria de Lourdes de Veer (Aruba)
  • Vice Chair: Steve McNally (United States)
  • Member 1: Francisco Xavier Carvallo (Ecuador)
  • Member 2: Gerardo Alfonso Millan Mayerstein (Mexico)
  • Member 3: Alejandro Mansilla Arias (Bolivia)
  • Member 4: Ricardo Alejandro Torres (Argentina)
  • Member 5: Gletchen Y. Jimenez F. (Cuba)
Ricardo Alejandro Torres (Argentina)
Ricardo Alejandro Torres (Argentina)

“Following the guidelines established by the World Taekwondo, we continue looking for excellence in our Continental Union. We are in a new era; therefore, we will not rest until we become an exemplary region worldwide. With the professional and capable people appointed to this committee, we will take important steps in that direction”, said Juan Manuel López, president of PATU.

Alejandro Mansilla Arias (Bolivia)

Due to the nature of the committee, it may include advisors or specialists at its discretion, with the approval of the president.

The committee’s actions will be described in reports to be presented to the General
Assembly and the Council.