In a resounding achievement, participants of the recent Poomsae referees’ seminar in the Pan-American Region have garnered strong support, with the majority approved to officiate in WT-sanctioned events. Juan Manuel López, the President of the Pan-American Taekwondo Union, praised the commitment and dedication of these aspiring referees, highlighting their crucial role in the growth of referee bodies and their contribution to the progress of Poomsae events in the region.

President Juan Manuel López expressed his enthusiasm, stating that this success not only marks a personal milestone for the new referees but also strengthens the quality and integrity of Poomsae events throughout the Pan-American region. The WT certification they have obtained will allow them to participate in high-level events, enhancing the competitive experience and promoting a higher standard.

“With the WT certification, these new referees join our distinguished experienced referees to further elevate the standard of Poomsae events,” said the President. “Their inclusion in the referee body will not only enrich the athletes’ experience but also promote the continuous improvement of our events.”

This achievement is not only a cause for celebration for the new referees but also highlights the ongoing commitment of the Pan-American Taekwondo Region to excellence and constant advancement. This will provide a more exciting and competitive showcase for athletes and fans alike.

Congratulations to the newly certified Poomsae referees for their outstanding success. The taekwondo community eagerly anticipates seeing how their experience and passion will contribute to the thriving landscape of this sport in the Pan-American Region. May this achievement be just the beginning of a rewarding and fruitful journey in their roles as certified referees. Congratulations!