From January 17 to 21, three events are being held with great participation in the Pan American region, the seminar for International Poomsae referees, the Poomsae refresher course and the technical practice for coaches and judges of the region.

With more than 130 participants from 18 countries in the region, the seminar for new international Poomsae referees, the refresher course for Poomsae referees and the practice for judges and coaches will be held from January 17 to 21.

Seminarios WT en conjunto con PATU arrancaron con éxito total

These important events are held with the objective of keeping updated the knowledge of both referees and coaches interested and specialized in Poomsae, also looking to raise the competitive level of our region.

“We are very happy to be able to have events of this nature at home, strengthening our relationship and always working together with WT and also innovating, giving the opportunity to coaches to share with judges these valuable moments. We always strive for excellence in PATU and we will not rest until we see our athletes at the top of the most important events worldwide,” said LAE Juan Manuel Lopez.

For this seminar PATU in conjunction with WT agreed to give the possibility to those who hold 2nd dan Kukkiwon, to be certified as international referees, something unprecedented that generates greater opportunity for the Panamerican family.