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PATU y Academia Marcial honraron en Santiago al Dr. Choue y a Grandes Maestros del continente

President of PATU: We’ll work hard to see better results at the Paris Games

The President of the Pan American Taekwondo Union Juan Manuel Lopez talked about the association’s plans in 2024.

“Looking back to 2023 commits us even more to 2024, in the Olympic year we have everything scheduled to provide opportunities for the entire Pan American family in an integral way. We have managed to have the region united and give new opportunities for MNAs to hold events of different kinds.

This generates growth. We continue to work hard so that this year the opportunities increase, so we see more representatives from our region and better results at the Paris Games. We do not neglect any development areas, we care for the growth of Poomsae, spaces for younger age groups and educational development in all areas as we look for the sport mastery of all our practitioners. This year, we are going all out,” emphasised the president of the PATU.

by: Inside the Games

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