The purpose of the agreement is to establish the rights and obligations of World Taekwondo and the city of Chuncheon, Gangwon State with an aim of relocating headquarters of World Taekwondo to Chuncheon Songam Sports Town in the City of Chuncheon.

Chuncheon plans to construct a four-story building with a gross floor area of approximately 3,100m2 to host the federation. Construction would take place from 2024-2027 and would see a performance hall, memorial hall, exhibition room, reception and rest area on the first and second floors, with the third and fourth floors reserved for office spaces, and various types of meeting rooms. The rooftop will have a garden and observatory facility.

Implementation Agreement on Relocation of Headquarters of WT signed at Gangwon Chuncheon 2023 World Taekwondo Cultural Festival

Chuncheon hopes to enhance the image of the city through its hosting of the headquarters of World Taekwondo and develop the Headquarters into a tourist attraction which hosts various types of international events. Chuncheon will provide integrated education programs to promote the values of body, virtue and knowledge through practising Taekwondo and promote the growth of Taekwondo as an industry.

Speaking following the ceremony, World Taekwondo President Choue said: “Chuncheon City has hosted many international and domestic Taekwondo competitions over the past few decades and with the establishment of the headquarters of World Taekwondo here we will significantly increase the synergies between Chuncheon City and our federation.”