Poomsae and Kyorugi: These are the MVP’s of the WT President’s Cup Pan American

The best athletes of the region honored taekwondo during the celebration of the fifth edition of the WT President's Cup Pan American, where a group of competitors, coaches and referees stood out for their technical level, professionalism and performance until being elected by the tournament organizers as the Most Valuable.


  • Female Athlete: AJ Munoz (USA)
  • Male Athlete: William Arroyo (MEX)

  • Female Coach: AJ Munoz (USA)
  • Men’s Coach: Alex Siliezar (GUA)
  • Male Referee: Bo Young Kim (USA)
  • Women Referee: Neydis Tavares (PUR)


  • Female Athlete: Daniela Souza (MEX)
  • Male Athlete: Edival Pontes (BRA)
  • Women’s Coach: Abel Mendoza (MEX)
  • Men’s Coach: Rodney Penna (BRA)
  • Women Referee: Ai Vo (GER)
  • Men Referee: Jung Hwang (USA)


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