The global response has been immense, with hundreds of individuals from across continents – America, Europe, and Asia – reaching out to gather more information. Therefore, we’ve decided to clarify the essence of Kombat Taekwondo and the competitive aspects involved in this exhilarating format. Below, we present ten crucial aspects to help you grasp the concept of Kombat Taekwondo and understand the thrill that each of its bouts promises.

What is Kombat Taekwondo?

It is a distinctive combat sport and a league managed by the Kombat Taekwondo brand. In this case, the word ‘Taekwondo’ denotes a form of unarmed combat involving the use of traditional techniques, kicks, and punches, as determined by the regulations and specifications set by the Kombat Taekwondo Events Commission, which is responsible for ensuring the optimal development of the competition.

Who qualifies to sign up as fighters?

Anyone aged 18 or above who can exhibit the physical prowess for direct physical confrontation, and also holds a black belt in Taekwondo of any style, is eligible. Selected fighters are required to produce a current medical assessment, which must be provided by a certified or official medical practitioner.

What are the formats of the fights?

There are two fight formats. 1 vs. 1 consists of a single five-minute round where the only protections used are gloves, foot pads, groin protectors, and mouthguards. The team combat is the other modality; here, four fighters (two per team) are fighting simultaneously for ten continuous minutes, allowing for combined, collaborative, and strategic attacks.

What techniques are allowed in the fights?

Legal standing techniques:

a) All closed-fist punching and hand striking techniques are allowed when directed towards the front and sides of the head, as well as the torso above the beltline.

b) Elbow strike techniques, whether executed with a closed or open hand, are allowed when directed towards the front and sides of the head, as well as the torso above the beltline. However, it is important to note that elbow strikes are only permitted without grabbing or holding the opponent.

c) Upper cuts to the face and above the beltline are permitted. Upper cuts are only allowed without grabbing or holding the opponent.

d) Allowed open hand strikes:

– Knife and Ridge hand strike to the front and side of the head and the torso above the beltline is permitted. Striking the neck is not allowed.

– Palm hand strike to the front and side of the head, and the torso above the beltline.

e) Kicking techniques aimed at the front and sides of the head, as well as the torso above the beltline, are allowed. Knee strikes are also permitted, but without holding on to any part of the opponent’s body.

f) Sweeps and throws (excluding those specified as fouls) are permitted techniques during the match.

g) Grabbing the body for a takedown is allowed when the opponent is not kicking.

Legal techniques on the ground:

a) The standing fighter is limited to using legal hand strikes and foot techniques.

b) The fighter on the ground is allowed to execute all legal strikes, including kicks, following the same rules as those applied during a stand-up position.

What weight divisions are there?

Kombat Taekwondo will have four female and four male divisions.


  • Fin: -49kg
  • Light: 49.1kg / 57kg
  • Middle: 57.1kg / -67kg
  • Heavy: +67kg


  • Fin: -58kg
  • Light: 58.1kg / 68kg
  • Middle: 68.1kg / -80kg
  • Heavy: +80kg

What is the cost of becoming a Kombat Taekwondo fighter?

Nothing.  Absolutely nothing!  Kombat Taekwondo handles all the expenses for its fighters. This includes covering costs like roundtrip airfare, meals, accommodation, official gear, and clothing. In addition, fighters receive a daily allowance for the days spent attending Kombat Taekwondo training and audition casting sessions or meetings leading up to the main event.

What is the prize if I win a fight?

In the inaugural event, set to take place in Royal Center, Bogotá, Colombia, on December 3, each fight’s victor will walk away with a prize equivalent to USD $3,000, while the defeated party will still receive an amount equivalent to USD $1,000. This applies to the individual format.

In the case of the team format, the triumphant team will receive a reward of USD $5,000, whereas the team on the losing end will receive USD $2,000.

It’s worth noting that the prize pool is set to rise with each successive event.

Moreover, fighters stand a chance to earn extra fight bonuses amounting to USD $3000. These additional incentives can be won for a variety of reasons, such as delivering the most thrilling fight of the evening, being the crowd’s favorite fighter based on audience votes, among other distinctive categories.

No other Taekwondo Championships in recorded history offers fighters the opportunity to win such a significant amount of prize money from a single fight.

How many fights do I need to win my category?

Since each event will host only a single fight, it is of utmost importance for the competitors to pass the casting audition or preliminary test preceding the main event.

How are the fighters for the main event chosen?

The process begins with a Kombat Taekwondo organizing committee assessing the video footage and online submissions received during the initial phase.

Subsequently, Kombat Taekwondo will invite the first round of 14-16 fighters for a live casting audition in Bogotá, Colombia. In this subsequent round, 6 to 8 contenders are eliminated, and the remaining eight (two for each match) are selected.  These finalists will compete for the grand prize cash awards in their respective match at the main event, slated for December 3, 2023.

It’s important to note that all costs related to the in-person casting auditions are covered by the Kombat Taekwondo, thereby eliminating any financial obligations for the fighters. 

How to join Kombat Taekwondo?

Online submission is now open to all fighters who are interested becoming a Kombat Taekwondo fighter. 

Submission of an online application is mandatory for all prospective candidates participating in the fights. Upon receipt of the online application, Kombat Taekwondo will promptly issue a confirmation email to the applicant.

To begin the process, every fighter must complete an online application by providing basic information such as their name, age, and personal details.

After successfully submitting the online application, a confirmation email will be sent to you by Kombat Taekwondo. Following this, you will be required to email Kombat Taekwondo [email protected] the following:

  1. Your profile photo
  2. Share recent body pictures to provide a visual representation of your physical condition.
  3. Include a competition video.
  4. Include your training video – 90 seconds maximum.
  5. 60 seconds interview video why we should invite you to fight at Kombat Taekwondo Championships.

Upon receiving the aforementioned information, Kombat Taekwondo will have its representative contact you if you meet the qualifications. Candidates who are interested in participating on December 3, 2023 fights should take note to submit online applications by September 5, 2023 at the latest. The organizers will make the decision on the selection of fighters soon after this date.