The GCS International Malaysia Chapter hosted an online special lecture on “Beauty Ear Therapy” for the members of the Korean Society in Malaysia on August 18, 2022.

Under the title “Ear Tells Your Health,” the one-hour-long special lecture was given to about 20 Koreans living in Malaysia by Park Ae-ran, president of the World Beauty Ear Culture Exchange Association (WBEA), and Dr. Seok-jae Kang, secretary general of GCS International.

GCS Malaysia Hosts Special Lecture on ‘Beauty Ear Therapy’ for Korean Society Members

Seo Kyu-won, secretary general of GCS Malaysia, organized the two-part special event in cooperation with the Seoul-headquartered, U.N.-affiliated GCS International and the WBEA. One week later on August 25, there will be the second and final special lecture on the same topic.

GCS Secretary General Kang opened the special lecture with a 10-minute presentation on GCS International, followed by a 50-minute lecture on the Beauty Ear Therapy.

They gave the online lecture at the WBEA office in Cheongdam-dong, Gannam-gu, Seoul, Korea, with the attendance of Kim Ji-yeoul, director general of the WBEA; and Bae Sun-hee, head of the Hangung Family-Helps Education Culture Promotion Institute. GCS International, headed by World Taekwondo President Chungwon Choue; the World Hangung Association, led by Huh Kwang; and the WBEA plan to cooperate for the spread of the Beauty Ear Therapy for mankind.

WBEA President Park introduced the French school of ear points or acupuncture, pioneered by French physician Paul Nogier, who has been demonstrating that all organs of the body are represented as reflex zones on the outer ear (auricula or auricle). Nogier rediscovered ear acupuncture that provided astonishing opportunities for both diagnosis and therapy.

GCS Malaysia Hosts Special Lecture on ‘Beauty Ear Therapy’ for Korean Society Members

Ear acupuncturists use needles mostly, but some use laser or pressure massage. The WBEA uses the so-called “energy balls” by attaching them to the ear points for certain diseases, thereby helping relieve the pain and improve the condition. The main ingredients of the energy ball are clay, ocher, germanium, tourmaline, onyx, astragalus propinquus, ginseng, etc.

“We can tell the health condition of a person by five or six symptoms of the ear, such as discoloration, transformation, vasodilation, papule or blackhead, and black specks,” said Park. “By attaching energy balls to certain ear points, you can see an effective edema removal and lifting effect, plus asymmetry and eye-shape correction, among others.”

She continued to say, “We want to spread the beauty ear therapy worldwide to benefit the mankind together with GCS International and the World Hangung Association. I believe that the therapy can lead the K-beauty and K-health as it has an educational effect with an early diagnosis of our disease and prevention.”

The reflex zones and points on the auricle are arranged in such a way that they produce the inverted projection of an embryo. Nogier was able to reproduce the phenomenon successfully and interpreted the site on the ear as reflex localization.

GCS Malaysia Hosts Special Lecture on ‘Beauty Ear Therapy’ for Korean Society Members

The head of the embryo occupies the entire earlobe. The embryo lies with its back against the posterior margin of the auricle. The embryo covers the concha with its abdomen – here are the reflex zones of almost all intestinal organs. The embryo crosses its legs over the triangular fossa – this is the reflex zone of the lower limb.

The scientific foundations of body acupuncture have been establishing during the last 25 years. By contrast, ear acupuncture (auricular acupuncture, auriculotherapy) has been viewed by many as a therapeutic side issue, despite its immediate and long-lasting effect. Ear acupuncture is becoming accepted throughout the world. Ear acupuncture is an effective method of treating acute and chronic diseases without producing side effects. The origins of ear acupuncture can be traced back to the 4th century BC when Hippocrates tried to cure impotence by bloodletting at the ear. It is also known that pain has been treated in ancient Egypt by means of ear points. Throughout the centuries we find notes on similar treatments. Ear acupuncture enjoyed a certain popularity also in China, but it fell into oblivion during the last centuries. About 20 anterior and posterior ear points were known during the Tang dynasty (AD 618-907), according to Ear Acupuncture, a precise pocket atlas based on the works of Nogier/Bahr.

There are two lines of thought in ear acupuncture, the French school and the Chinese school. They differ in the specifications of point localizations and in their diagnostic and therapeutic approaches. The approach of the French school is rather pragmatic and corresponds to the pathophysiological knowledge of conventional medicine.

GCS International Secretary General Kang said in his presentation, “One of the five GCS movements is a movement for a healthy society. In times of COVID-19 pandemic, we have to take time to ‘reset’ our body and mind.” GCS International was founded in 1979 by the late Dr. Young Seek Choue, founder of the Kyung Hee System and initiator of the U.N. International Day of Peace.